RiverGo Advisors - Strategic advice for investors and owners
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Expertise that Delivers

We provide strategic advice for investors and owners with

an unique blend of expertise and innovation

What we do

We are a boutique firm devoted to advising investors and owners on Strategy, M&A, Innovation, Organizational Design and Digital Transformation. Our unique expertise and proven customized approach ensures delivery of results and client retention. We cover the following sectors: Energy, Telecoms, Transport, Financial Services, Sport & Entertainment, Third Sector, Luxury and Start-ups

Somos una empresa de consultoría estratégica dedicada a asesorar a inversores y propietarios de empresas en temas de estrategia, operaciones corporativas, diseño organizativo, innovación y transformación digital. Nuestra experiencia única y el enfoque personalizado que damos a cada proyecto garantiza a nuestros clientes la consecución de resultados y contribuye a su fidelización. Trabajamos en los siguientes sectores: Energía, Telecomunicaciones, Transporte, Servicios Financieros, Deporte y Entretenimiento, Tercer Sector, Empresas de Lujo y Start-ups


Utilities and Oil&Gas players face dramatic changes in their core business model given global transition to a decarbonized economy, regulatory pressure and increasing competition from peers and disruptors


Telecom service providers and infrastructure players will go through substantial transformation driven by technological revolution/5G, convergence, digitalization across the value chain and competitive intensity from tech Internet giants.


Balancing infrastructure investment with demand will continue to challenge transport operators in an increasingly sophisticated financing environment with public and private participation and more rational government policies.

Financial Services

Financial institutions facing disintermediation threats from user-friendly fintech players have the challenge to offer a ´digital-like´ customer experience leveraging brand and security attributes while meeting global and demanding regulatory requirements

Sports & Entertainment

Increasing share of wallet for entertainment together with globalization of Sport and Entertainment present a massive opportunity to engage and monetize fans, viewers and consumers with a prevalence of mobile, digital and social networks as preferred channels

Third Sector

Professionalization of the social sector combined with innovative funding and donor strategy becomes a paradigm for NGOs and foundations that want to maintain their purpose in a crowded ecosystem where impact metrics are not optional.

Luxury Brands

Increasing role of Asia and the exponential growth of online channels are changing the status quo in the luxury markets where brand, unique design and the right mix of retail/wholesale used to create sustainable advantages.


Creating innovative and sustainable businesses requires the right funding strategy leveraging crowdfunding models and access to global talent pools accessible now throw crowdsourcing.

Who we are

Carmen Goytre

Founding Partner at RiverGo Advisors

PhD Business ICADE

MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management


  • Director of Remote Banking and QCS at Santander (1999-2002)
  • Vice President Bank of America Spain (2002-2013)
  • Professor of Innovation Project Management and Business Process at IE Business School and Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE
  • Senior Innovation and customer experience leader with strong financial services background. Provides companies with a customer centric focus as well as an integration in the innovation ecosystem where fintechs operate.
  • Advices companies in designing and improving their services, from initial funding to the management of their operations. Expert in crowdfunding.
  • Strong experience in financial services both startups and large corporations.
  • Board member of MIT Club of Spain and jury at IE Venture Lab
Nacho Ríos

Founding Partner at RiverGo Advisors

Industrial Engineer ICAI

MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management


  • Partner at Monitor Group (1992-2009)
  • Partner at Bain & Company (2009-2014)
  • Board Director and Senior Advisor Pivot Sport
  • Senior strategy and operations leader with top-tier consulting background. Extensive experience and passion in driving company transformations and M&A growth initiatives.
  • Proven track record of leading consulting firms and client management teams to deliver strong financial and operational results.
  • Strong experience in Infrastructure, Utilities, Oil&Gas, Telecoms and Sports&Entertainment.
  • Board member of Pivot Sport and angel investor.

Gilberto Sánchez

Collaborator at RiverGo Advisors

Graciella Bridger

Collaborator at RiverGo Advisors

Óscar del Ama

Collaborator at RiverGo Advisors

Ana Isabel Labarta

Collaborator at RiverGo Advisors


Years of Accumulated Experience


Projects Completed


Direct Collaborators

What services we provide

Investment Opportunity Analysis

Identification, selection and evaluation of investment targets in Spain and Portugal.

Identificación, selección y evaluación de oportunidades de inversión en España y Portugal.

Due Diligence

Commercial and regulatory due diligence of investment targets in Spain and Portugal.

Servicios de Due Diligence comercial y regulatoria de oportunidades de inversión en España y Portugal.

Strategy and Implementation Support

Strategic plans, regulatory strategies, organizational design and PMO (Project Management Office) implementation support.

Gestión de procesos de transformación mediante modelos PMO (Project Management Office) y consultoría especializada en estrategia, organización, comercial, marketing, etc.

Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation projects covering process, product, internal and external networks, organization and KPIS.

Asistencia en proyectos de innovación corporativa desde el proceso hasta el producto final, pasando por las redes de trabajos interinas y externas y la organización.

Executive Training

Executive training on Strategy, Innovation, Project Management and Knowledge Management.

Formacion ejecutiva en estrategia, innovación, Project Management y Knowledge Management.

Financing Support

Financing support for startups by leveraging crowdfunding models.

Financiación de startups mediante modelos de crowdfunding.

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What kind of clients we serve

Investment Funds

Infrastructure and private equity funds with interest in Spain: support on lead origination, target selection and commercial due diligence.


Large and Medium sized companies with activist owners driving transformation: support on strategy, organizational design and implementation


Start-ups in their growth stage that require financing and capability upgrade

Where we are

c/ Serrano, 76, 28006, Madrid

91 0596882